Friday, October 1, 2010

Recent(ish) Scrolls

The text in this blog will be pretty short. Mainly because I honestly don't remember many of my references for these pieces and don't have my library at hand at this moment to refer to...

This is a Golden Maple Leaf scroll made for Allegretza. It was a back-scroll assignment done with Windsor and Newton purple gouache, Holbein brilliant gold gouache, Higgins Black Magic ink, on Bristol vellum finish hot press. I'm thinking the border on this was slightly modified from a border from the Winchester Psalter, but don't quote me on that. I'll have to check my references and edit this later.

Here we have a Gryphon of Artemisia Scroll done for Duchess Caryn. This was based on the Hours for the Use of Paris in a style that I've just loved for years. Most pieces in this style have a sort of "patch-work" look, but the more organic shapes here drew me in and told me I had to do this piece. The white cat is based on Caryn's device or Coat of Arms, and I admit that I arbitrarily chose to do the Gryphon in white - mainly to see if I could, and to match the cat.