Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reserve Champion Scroll

Firstly, the blackwork'd caul in the previous post is still in process. To be fair, I haven't touched it in weeks. Alas, other priorities have surfaced, this being one:

HE Mistress Cassamira asked me to do the Reserve Champion scroll for Kingdom Arts and Sciences. I didn't have much time to complete this piece, so I kept it very simple. The border is based on the Winchester Psalter, in Winsor & Newton Gouache, and the hand is Gothic Textura Quadrata in Higgins Eternal ink.

I've also been working on a special scroll for Quest, so I should be able to post that in about 2 weeks. For now, I'm also working on a Peerage scroll for Uprising. Sometime I also need to work on some new garb for myself - none of mine fits. Or rather, only my ancient stuff fits, and it's horrid. I made it all before I knew how to properly sew anything. Bleh.